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CPD accredited TEYL programme and teaching resources
Join the Novakid community
CPD accredited TEYL programme and teaching resources
Stacy Caswell
Wow! I love it! lots of tips! Well illustrated, narration was clear and understandable and explained in good, easy and simple terms.
Vickie Majestrado
I think those modules were very helpful for me since those were my common struggles during the class like how to deal with a student's behavior, or how to teach young learners. It gave me a couple of ideas on how to improve my classes and which fun games to do during the class.
Sofie Brugger
Very clear and focused on the bigger picture of how to teach 1-2-1. Knowing this detailed information is super helpful when beginning to teach, as it can be overwhelming when actually faced with it for the first few times.
Maria Nacorda
I find the program well presented and interesting. The content was great! I look forward to more different topics and modules. The classroom situations acted out by the Novakid team were brilliant, it gives a good idea of what an ESL online class is like and how to handle them in the best possible way.
Raisa Mae Cena
I liked the sample lessons on how to play the games. It was very helpful! I enjoyed the detailed descriptions of the types of students that can be encountered and their general traits.
Allister Morris
I thought the ideas were fresh and informative and the delivery was good. Especially the TPR work! I learned new ways to play familiar games, and I was able to successfully implement them in my teaching!
5 common career issues faced by English Teachers
Meaningful work and supportive colleagues - two key reasons teachers stay! We're here to help you thrive!
of younger teachers (ages 25-35) say they plan to leave compared to 30% of older teachers
of teachers say they will leave teaching sooner than originally planned
of teachers claim that feeling burnt out is a serious problem
Need to take cheap and overwhelming classes that do not bring emotional satisfaction.
Looking for a first job
Methodological overload, too many courses imposed by employer. What to embrace digital opportunities with social impact.
Pressured by turnover
Change of scenery due to maternity leave/ travelling/ moving to a new location.
Lack of flexibility
Your job is not bringing any joy.
On the lookout for new resources and career opportunities.
Stuck at the same level
CPD points are required by many traditional school-employers.
Constant refresh needed
Embrace Balance and Growth with Novakid Teacher Academy
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Novakid Teacher Academy helps to embrace your teaching skills and get more emotionally rewarding practice - at every career stage
Other courses:
Unknown/non-credible provider
Feelings of frustration and lack of progress
Lack of real-world cases
Little interaction with peers
Too much theory without practical solutions
Teacher Academy
Globally recognized certificate accredited by CPD UK
Engaging video classes with practical tips and supplementary materials
Tangible skills and measurable progress through hands-on learning
Real-world case studies and hands-on experience

Access to a community of experienced teachers

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Jumpstart your career and have the life you dreamed about!
Need time to decide?
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