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Our comprehensive, self-paced TEYL course is aimed at ESL teachers who want to become experts in teaching Young Learners online.
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Activate Speaking Skills at Every Level
Breaking the Silence:
  • August 31, 9 PM GMT+3 (Cape Town: 8 PM, Manila: September 1, 2 AM, London: 6 PM, New York: 2 PM)
The Teacher Development team is happy to invite you to our new webinar! This month, we will discuss how to help your student start using English in your online ESL classroom and improve their speaking output at every age and level. The webinar is absolutely free for everybody to join. Come and share your experience, learn a few tricks and earn a certificate of attendance!
4 reasons to do CPD at Novakid Teacher Academy
Our programme is accredited by CPD UK.
When training with us, you make a valuable investment in your profession and earn a certificate that is recognized across the globe.
You can trust us
Novakid is a leading ESL online learning platform for children. Our teachers conduct thousands of lessons a day and have helped over 500,000 students to speak English fluently.
We are an industry leader
Work from the comfort of your home
Teaching online gives you the opportunity to manage your own time and earning potential - this course gives you the tools you need to be an effective online TEYL teacher.
Study at your own pace
Our programme is flexible and is suitable for both new and experienced teachers.

Our accomplishments have been recognised

by several organisations:

Study flow
By enrolling for the Novakid TEYL course, you receive access to an extensive programme that includes practical tips and solutions on how to excel at online lessons.

This CPD accredited course will earn you a 35 hour certificate and should take you less than a month to complete.
Go to TEYL to purchase the course and complete your registration.
Week 1: Discover how you can use online classrooms to provide a positive experience for young learners.
Week 2: Choose your digital tools and favourite techniques from our case studies and lesson observations.
Week 3: Learn how to overcome complex online teaching challenges using a personalised and student-centred approach.
Get certificate
Book a demo with a Novakid assessor and put your newly acquired knowledge to the test.
Based on your demo score, you’ll receive a Certificate of Participation or a Certificate of Successful Completion issued by CPD UK.
We follow best practice in:
Full immersion
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What our graduates say about us ❤️
  • Allister Morris
    I'm happy to be the part of the team, Novakid gives more opportunities then it seems from first site, it is very interesting and I'm proud of my students - as I guess it isn't easy for some of them, specially little to communicate with person on-line + use the computer;)
  • Caitlin Smith
    I'd like to say that taking part in this programme is a great opportunity for teachers to acquire more knowledge and skills in teaching. No matter how how long you've been in the industry, there is still room or space for improvement.
  • Nataca Tonkovic
    I would absolutely recommend it. There is no way I would be this confident of a teacher less than two months in if it wasn't for this program. Be ready to be part of future technologies!
  • Stacy Caswell
    Training is not too hard. We just have to follow instructions, do the homework, be creative and enjoy!
  • Jeth Milmao
    Everyone is really friendly and nice. This is a great refreshment especially for experienced teachers. And so I am grateful that I've taken this training.
  • Sofie Brugger
    Aside from the skills and learning, the course provides an opportunity for us to feel more at home because of the mentors and colleagues that we'll meet.
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